Swerve is a small-footprint, highly concurrent file server with super powers that makes local site development an absolute breeze. Serve static files (works great with Webpack's "watch" option), upload files and even mock responses with custom lua scripting.

Highly Concurrent

Swerve uses a configurable thread pool to handle requests. Don't let file loading be a hindrance to a tight development loop, and work on resource-heavy projects like Phaser games or chunked Webpack apps without a care in the world.

Config As Code

Every configuration option for swerve is available both as a command line argument and as an option in a configuration file. Check your configuration into version control to make it available to the entire team, and override specifics via the CLI.

Lua On Board

Map URL paths to Lua scripts to handle more complex requests. Swerve provides a suite of utilities to Lua scripts for building HTTP responses, making it an incredibly powerful system for mocking server endpoints.